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Members of Family Connection have an opportunity to share resources and learning with other families whose children have mental health issues. They can also attend presentations and trainings that will help them grow, both as parents of children with mental health issues and as advocates. Join us today.

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Valencia Gensollen, the mother of two girls ages 6 and 12, fully understands the challenges faced by families whose children have mental health issues. Her older daughter struggles with mental health challenges daily. These experiences have led Valencia to becoming a community leader, working with other families and providers to ensure the family voice is heard throughout the system. Valencia leads Family Connection of Tarrant County, a family-run organization that focuses on networking, education and advocacy. She also serves on a number of advisory committees, including the Texas Family Voice Network, where she works with other families to improve the mental health system throughout Texas.


Jennifer Burgeron is a parent of a child with ADHD who is new to the Tarrant County area. She is a member of the Family Connection Core Leadership Team. 

Jennifer's Testimonial:

Moving to the Tarrant County community was a shock for my family. We felt lost and I knew the move was negatively impacting my family. I didn’t really know where to turn but I knew I needed to find support somehow and help for myself and my child with ADHD. I found The Women's Center to start counseling services for myself to be a better mom for my daughter and work toward stopping the cycle of dysfunction that I had grow up with.

The Women's Center recommended I attend a workshop hosted by a parent organization in my area called Family Connection of Tarrant County. I was very nervous to go to a new meeting with people I didn't know and did not know what to expect but when I attended I felt supported and welcomed. I enjoyed learning and was surrounded by other parents with similar struggles.

Now I have become a part of the Family Connection core leadership group and even helped plan out the first Tarrant County community event for Children's Mental Health Awareness Day.

This was very special to me because I was able to use my experience to help other families not feel so alone. Being a part of this group has helped a lot and I feel more connected and empowered.  I am now involved with a supportive church in my community, my daughter is active in the youth ministry and we feel at home. We are looking forward to growing with the church in new projects coming up in the next year.

By reaching out and taking that first step to find services in this area I now have a support system, I am being proactive by bettering myself as a mother and person as well as giving back to my community.


Shequita L. Burrell, a native of Tuscaloosa, AL, has been a resident of Ft. Worth, TX  for the last six years. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama and has been working in this field for the last 14 years. In her role as the Family Engagement Coordinator for Tarrant County Juvenile Services, she coordinates a diversionary program where she works with students, as well as their families, who are currently enrolled in Fort Worth ISD’s elementary alternative school program. Ms. Burrell provides advocacy, resources, support, mentoring, and addresses any need the family may have, in an effort to eliminate any barriers to the student’s success. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, listening to music, and volunteering with different organizations within the community. She is a Certified Family Partner, as well as a member of Family Connection, Texas Family Voice Network, and previously served on The Potter’s House of Ft. Worth Firehouse Youth Leadership team. She is passionate about helping families find their voice and empowering them to use it effectively. It is her belief that all students can be successful, if given the right tools in their tool belts!

Family Testimonial:

Being a family leader in my community has afforded me the opportunity for my voice to be heard in many different ways. This role has allowed me to be transparent about the struggles and successes that I have experienced on my journey. 

Through sharing my story, it has also given me the opportunity to offer support and hope to other families. Lastly, I am able to provide honest feedback to agencies that serve families. All of these things, in my opinion, make family leaders an integral part of bringing about change within our communities.




Vickey Carter is a grandmother from Crowley Texas who has helped continue family voice as a leader in Tarrant County by helping Family Connections Core Leadership group with planning, partnering with agencies who serve children and youth with mental health struggles. 

Family Testimonial:

While raising my three grandchildren I was inspired to get involved in helping my own family and others.  I have learned that families in my community need help and support on a deep level. When families speak up about what is needed we can come together to make change for future generations. 


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